Control Panel For Kleentek Oil Filtration SystemsControl Panel

Kleentek's industrial oil filters are outfitted with an easy-to-read digital control panel that allows operators to monitor the operation of the oil filtration system and effectively troubleshoot any problems. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, these NEMA 4 control panels feature a text display that shows operating conditions like motor amperage and oil dwell time. In addition, the panel indicates when it's time to change the collector element, low oil levels within the tank and HV issues.


Collector Element For Kleentek Electrostatic Oil CleanersPatented Collector Element

Kleentek's patented electrostatic filter element (collector element) is housed within a stainless steel chamber to remove insolubles that form into varnish. Using a series of cellulose media pleats and metal (conducting) and non-metal (non-conducting) materials, the collector configuration maximizes an electrostatic force that acts to remove contaminates from oil. Kleentek collectors are built to be robust, and last approximately 4,000 hours, or about one year before they need to be changed.

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