Oil Testing With Hydraulic Oil Filters And Electrostatic Oil CleanersAnalyze Your Oil

Regularly analyzing and testing hydraulic or lubricating oil is critical to any preventive maintenance program.

At Kleentek, we recommend Colorimetric testing as a relatively inexpensive means for both early detection of varnish problems and quantifying the condition across time to chart the system trend. This method provides a rating number that can be compared to a relative scale to determine the potential varnish problems and help evaluate oil purification systems and methods to remove varnish.

Whether you choose to conduct oil analysis through an independent laboratory or with the assistance of a Kleentek representative, it's important to know how to properly obtain a hydraulic or lubricating oil sample to ensure it's truly reflective of the oil in your reservoir.

Kleentek offers a variety of analysis options:
Option 1: Oil Sampling and Analysis
Wear Metals
Total Acid Number (TAN)
Particle Count (with ISO code rating)
Water Content in PPM (Karl Fisher)
Varnish Potential with Quantitative Spectrophotometric Analysis (QSA) with filter patch solids weight

Cost: No Charge for New Applications.

Option 2: Factory Testing of Oil Filterability
Send us one gallon of your machine oil to be conditioned by one of our DOC-R3 (PDF 416k) oil purification systems. We will send the cleaned hydraulic or lubricating oil back to you for analysis or send it directly to an independent lab for performance evaluation.

Cost: Lab Fee

Option 3: Onsite Testing of Oil Filterability Performed by a Kleentek Rep
A Kleentek rep will install a DOC-R3 electrostatic oil filtration system at your facility for a "bucket test" of your machine oil. Analysis of the results may be sent to an independent lab, or by visual observation when applicable.

Cost: Possible Lab Fee

Option 4: Equipment Rental
Rent a Kleentek oil filtration unit to see first-hand how it conditions your machine oil and increases reliability. Then, if you choose to purchase a system, a percentage of the paid rental fee can be applied as a credit toward your payment.

Cost: Rental Fee

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