Kleentek Launches High-Capacity Varnish Removal
System at Lubrication Excellence 2005

CINCINNATI, OH –April 21, 2005 – UAS KLEENTEK will exhibit their oil cleaning and hydraulic equipment improvement systems for the first time and unveil its newest model, the N100, at the 2005 Lubrication Excellence Conference & Exhibition at Booth # 118.

The KLEENTEK product line is an industry-leading, technologically advanced oil cleaning system that works electrostatically to purge oil of contaminants. KLEENTEK systems are used in the automotive assembly, injection molding, maritime and chemical refining industries, among others.

The launch of the N100 comes at the same time KLEENTEK is dramatically enhancing its entire line of oil cleaning and hydraulic equipment improvement systems. Both models at Lubrication Excellence have a NEMA 4 rating (National Electrical Manufacturer's Association) that allows the product to be used outdoors and in harsh environments, including rain, high humidity and extreme temperatures.

KLEENTEK will feature the following products at Lubrication Excellence: 

Launching at Lubrication Excellence, the N100 is designed for applications requiring large reservoirs, such as paper production, power generation and steel processing. The system will have a filtering volume of 10,100 gallons. This doubles the capacity of current systems and will run on standard 115V from a central control board. The N100 provides a flow rate of 5.5 GPM (gallons per minute), double the volume of the previous maximum rate of flow.

The N10 has a filtering volume of up to 1,050 gallons of oil at 0.5 GPM.

KLEENTEK Product Benefits
Traditional mechanical filters remove only larger particles, while KLEENTEK electrostatic systems are independent of particle size- allowing submicronic particles (.01 micron and below) as well as large contaminants to be removed from any non-conductive oil. Only insoluble oil contaminants are extracted; soluble additives present in the oil are not affected. Because this system is so effective in maintaining the cleanliness level of oil, KLEENTEK eliminates the need for repeated oil changes and system downtime while operating without supervision. Overall benefits include increased production, improved quality, reduced downtime, less material waste, less maintenance and reduced equipment wear.

For more information on Kleentek and spec sheets on our varnish removal systems, visit the products page.

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