Kleentek oil cleaning solution now available for hazardous locations

CINCINNATI, OH – June 1, 2007 – Kleentek has introduced a new electrostatic oil conditioning system for use in hazardous locations. These new models allow the patented Kleentek technology to be used safely in applications such as refinery, natural gas, chemical and petrochemical or any environment where explosive materials may be present.

These models feature a purge system where inert gas (filtered compressed air or nitrogen) is used to pressurize the enclosure, effectively preventing explosive gasses, vapors or dusts from entering the equipment. This option allows clients having oil conditioning and varnish removal needs in hazardous locations to utilize Kleentek technology to reduce the need for repeated oil changes and system downtime. In the same way standard Kleentek systems are simple to operate and maintain, these new systems do not require operator supervision and run 24/7.

Kleentek systems solve varnish problems by using electrostatic forces to remove contaminants from the oil that cause tar, varnish or sludge. These sticky substances, formed from by-products of oil oxidation adhere to machinery components, causing "stick and slip" and additional wear on metal surfaces within lubricating systems, as well as coating the hydraulic servo, proportional and cartridge valves, forcing the friction in these valves to increase. The change in friction in these highly sensitive, close tolerance components causes unwanted effects, including loss of control stability, constant valve adjustment, reduced machine performance, erratic cycle times, increased downtime and delayed startups.

For more than 25 years, Kleentek has provided innovative and technologically advanced solutions for oil cleaning and system improvement in a wide range of industrial environments and applications. Kleentek systems are manufactured and distributed in North America by United Air Specialists, Inc., a CLARCOR company. For more information view Model DOC-N100-HL-CID2C/D Oil Conditioning Systems for use in hazardous locations.

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