Changing The Collector For Electrostatic Oil ConditionersMaintenance Tips

1. Always disconnect the oil filtration unit from the 115 VAC supply power source before servicing.

2. Changing the Electrostatic Filter Element (Collector)

  • Change collector cartridge according to the general guidelines below:
    • 1st Collector Cartridge Replacement - change after 2,000 hours of operation
    • Routine Collector Cartridge Replacement - change every 180 days*, or after 4,000 hours of operation

    *Depending upon application, collector life could be extended up to one year. However, collectors must be changed at least once every year.

  • Use only patented Kleentek-brand replacement collector cartridges. "Knock-off" replacement collectors do not hold up over time.
  • It is necessary to replace collectors when changing to a different type of oil.
  • When changing the collector element, clean the inside of the cleaning chamber with kerosene. Wipe down with lint-free cloth until the surface is free of any contaminants or kerosene. Allow to dry completely before installing new collector.

3. Testing moisture content in the oil

  • Obtain a small sample of hydraulic or lubricating oil from the drain valve and examine under a 50x microscope. If several round spots can be seen, moisture content greater than 500 ppm exists.

  • Heat a metal teaspoon using a gas flame and then place oil sample on spoon. If bubbles appear, then moisture content is greater than 500 ppm.
  • If moisture content is above 500 ppm, oil must be pre-treated to remove the water.

Test for moisture when Kleentek oil filtration unit panel indicates:

  • Loss of high voltage-electrical voltage in cleaning chamber may fall below 3.0 KV.
  • Alarm within first five hours of new collector change.

For Troubleshooting Tips

Consult the Owner's Manual that was sent with your Kleentek electrostatic oil filtration unit.

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