Electrostatic Oil Cleaners For Steel Processing IndustrySteel Processing

Kleentek hydraulic oil filters are a popular varnish removal solution for steel processing equipment.

Extensive hydraulic equipment is involved when positioning and working with steel. The hydraulic oil reservoir system includes high pressure pumps to create the needed oil flow to meet the needs of the steel working equipment. This constant pressurizing and throttling of the oil causes a significant amount of stress that leads to the formation of varnish and fine contaminates. Users may notice a brown, gummy varnish build up on various surfaces of the hydraulic system. If an effective varnish removal/oil filtration system is not installed, this contamination may lead to sticking and/or failure of critical hydraulic control valves, positioners and components.

Mechanical Filters Aren't Enough

Generally, hydraulic oil systems include mechanical hydraulic oil filters that use fine synthetic filter media to remove fine sediment; however, these filters are not so effective in keeping the machine in good working condition. That's because a majority of the contaminants are submicron in size, or too small to remove with conventional filters alone. Kleentek electrostatic hydraulic oil filters are able to capture these submicron insoluble particles and remove them from the oil.

Signs of contaminated hydraulic fluid:

  • Brown, sticky film on oil-wetted surfaces
  • Control valve sticking or failures
  • Scored or damaged bearing surfaces
  • Shortened life for the system's fine mechanical filters
Model Recommendations Based on Load Factor
Load Factor (LF)* Recommended Kleentek Model
15 DOC-R3 (PDF 409k)
30 DOC-N10 (PDF 390k)
80 DOC-N25 (PDF 391k)
160 DOC-N50 (PDF 392k)
320 DOC-N100 (PDF 410k)

* For load factors greater than 320, contact Kleentek.

To determine Load Factor, use the formula below:
LF = 0.10 x [Sum of Hydraulic Pump Flows (gpm)] x [Viscosity (css)]

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