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Kleentek oil filter systems are a popular varnish removal solution for power generation equipment.

Turbine and heavy rotational equipment systems in power plants can use both bearing oil and hydraulic/control oil applications. The bearing oil lubricates and cools bearing surfaces, imparting both mechanical and thermal stress on the oil. The control oil function is less severe thermally, but can impart greater mechanical stress even though the control flow rate is much less than the bearing flow rate.

Issues of oil degradation from these processes shows up in time as a brown, sticky coating on oil-wetted surfaces (often referred to as varnish). And, due to the cooler temperatures and infrequent flows within the control oil piping, this sticky film will first cause problems in the control oil section.

In some instances (such as certain gas or combustion turbine equipment) the bearing oil and control oil applications may be supplied by a common oil reservoir, which increases the stress imparted on the oil.

Mechanical Filters Aren't Enough

Conventional hydraulic oil filter systems include mechanical filters that use fine synthetic filter media to remove fine sediment; however, these filters are not so effective in keeping the machine in good working condition. That's because a majority of the contaminants are submicron in size, or too small to remove with conventional filters alone. A Kleentek electrostatic oil filtration unit is able to capture these submicron insoluble particles and remove them from the oil.

Signs of contaminated hydraulic fluid:

  • Brown, sticky varnish build up appearing first in control oil section
  • Control valve sticking or failures
  • Scored or damaged bearing surfaces
  • Shortened life for the skid's fine mechanical filters
Model Recommendations Based on Applications
Application DOC-N25* DOC-N50* DOC-N100*
Base Load
(>50% online)
1,500 gal 3,000 gal 6,000 gal
Peak Load
(<50% online)
3,000 gal 6,000 gal 12,000 gal
Bearing Oil Only 3,000 gal 6,000 gal 12,000 gal
Separate EHC
(Std. Oil)
1,000 gal N/A N/A
Separate EHC
(Phosphate Ester Type)
500 gal N/A N/A

* Based on ISO 32 or 46 turbine-grade oil

Money-Saving Tip

You can rotate one of our mobile oil filter systems to service several peaking turbines as, long as each reservoir is treated every three months.

Companies using Kleentek electrostatic oil filtration systems for Power Generation:

Calpine / Duke Energy / Dynegy / Florida Power & Light / Mitsubishi / Southern Company

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