Electrostatic Oil Conditioners Help Prevent Varnish ProblemsInjection Molding

Kleentek hydraulic filters remove varnish from injection molding machines more effectively than mechanical filters to ensure the smooth functioning of your machinery.

The working oil in an injection molding machine will inevitably become contaminated if it is not cared for properly. Users may notice a brown, gummy varnish build up on various moving parts of the machine. This is the result of insoluble contaminants forming in the hydraulic oil-leading to plugged hydraulic filters, injection valve sticking and reduction in flow rate.

Mechanical filters aren't enough

Many injection mold machines use mechanical filtration, but these mechanical hydraulic filters are not effective in keeping the machine in good working condition. That's because a majority of the contaminants are submicron in size, or too small to remove with conventional filters alone. A Kleentek electrostatic hydraulic oil conditioner is able to capture these submicron insoluble particles and remove them (and thereby remove varnish) from the oil.

Signs of contaminated hydraulic fluid:

  • Erratic injection
  • Flash or short shots
  • Variable pressure
  • Sticking valves
  • Filter plugging
  • Increased filter changes
  • Build-up of varnish on oil-wetted surfaces
Model Recommendations Based on Oil Volume
Oil Volume* Recommended Kleentek Model
230 DOC-R3 (PDF 409k)
450 DOC-N10 (PDF 390k)
1,360 DOC-N25 (PDF 391k)
2,540 DOC-N50 (PDF 392k)
5,080 DOC-N100 (PDF 410k)

*Based on ISO 46 or 68 hydraulic oil

Money-Saving Tip

You can rotate one of our mobile hydraulic filters to service several injection molding machines, as long as an individual reservoir doesn't exceed 12 weeks.

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