Condition hydraulic fluids and reverse the effects of varnish degradation with Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaners (EOC). More powerful than mechanical filters, Kleentek oil filtration systems remove sub-micron particles to remove varnish and prevent the build-up of insolubles that form into a brown, sticky sludge on machine components.

Electrostatic Oil Cleaners And Oil Filtration Systems

The result of using our oil purification systems is:

  • Extended lubricating oil life
  • Minimized "stick-and-slip" of bearings and gears
  • Less wear on servos and O-rings
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Less equipment maintenance
  • Significantly reduced overall costs

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Brand Replacement Collectors

Don't take chances using "knock-off" collectors.

Only an authentic Kleentek electrostatic filter element lasts longer and offers the most in durability performance.

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