Oil Conditioning Systems: Model DOC-N100Oil Conditioning Systems:
Model DOC-N100

Suited for extreme outdoor environments, Model N100 electrostatically cleans lubricants of contaminants while eliminating the need for mechanical filters. It circulates oil at a very low velocity, removing submicron particles and large contaminants from hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.

Model DOC-N100 Spec Sheet (PDF)


  • NEMA 4 rating
  • Suited for extreme outdoor environments
  • Good for oil reservoirs to 10,100 gallons
  • Flow rate of 336 gph


Flow Rate: 336 gph
(1,272 gph)
Max. Temp.: 140°F
Operating Temp.: 32°F-120°F
(-10°F-120°F with panel heater kit)
Max. H2O Content: 500 p/min
(options available for >500 p/min)
Electrical Rating: NEMA 4
Weight: 275 lbs (125.0 kg)
Weight (operating): 415 lbs (188.6 kg)
Power Supply: 115 V/1PH/60Hz
720 Watts
(870 Watts with heater kit)
Voltage: 10-12 KVAC
Voltage Cut-Off: 3 KVAC
Cartridge/Set: 2
Collector Part #: 60-0474
Seals: Viton
Dimensions: w x l x h
20.75 in x 33.75 in x 33.75 in
52.7 cm x 85.7 cm x 85.7 cm
Replace Collectors: 2,000-4,000 + hours for first set, then 8,000
hours (1 year) after initial oil cleanup (less
for high load applications)
Change at least once a year for best

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